Central Gauteng Mental Health Society (CGMHS) is a non-profit organisation that provides social and statutory work services to children and adults with mental and intellectual disabilities around Gauteng province in general. CGMHS has been in existence since 1919, striving to provide effective and efficient health and welfare services to communities’ of diverse race, gender, ethnicity and age.

CGMHS’s head office is based in Johannesburg (Betrams) and has decentralised offices in Johannesburg, Soweto and Ekurhuleni regions. It has various projects which include:

  • Gordonia and group homes:

    Are residential facilities for persons with mental illness. The homes provide social work services, housing keeping skills, workplace experience/Learnerships to beneficiaries, life skills programmes, psychosocial support and protective workshop. Group homes consist of Gordonia which is based in Betrams (accommodates 70 residents) Derby House in Bez Valley (Accommodates 12 users), Lenasia Home (Accommodates 06 users), and Benbow House in Kensington (Accommodates 10 users), these are independent living households.

  • Soweto and Ekurhuleni offices:

    Provide outpatient social work services, protective workshop with 16 services users each respectively, food gardening, statutory services, art and craft, as well as foster-care programmes.

  • Tshepong Stimulation Centre:

    Provides stimulation services to children with severe and profound intellectual disability in and around ‘Katorus’ area in east rand through gross and fine motor skills activities, passive movements and self-care programme comprised of feeding and toilet training. It has both day care (Accommodate 40 children) and residential facility (Accommodates 20 children).

  • Advocacy and awareness:

    Aims to equip and empower persons with mental disability of their rights and responsibilities which results in persons with mental disabilities being empowered to access the appropriate treatment and support, improving their general sense of worth and productivity in society.

CGMHS’s presence in the community plays an important role in improving the quality of life of the people (adults and children) with mental health and intellectual disability along with their relatives in providing a services that will enhance and empower their level of functioning and development.

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”

Khalil Gibran


We educate communities about mental illness, mental health, the rights of people with mental and Intellectual disabilities.


We conduct advocacy and awareness programs and campaigns.


We offer vulnerable, abandoned or orphaned children opportunities to stay in a safe and healthy environment with loving families.


We facilitate support groups to mental health care beneficiaries in order to educate them about their rights, improve their insight on their condition and the importance of medication adherence.

Sustainability of the Centre

CGMHS receives income from:

  • Department of Social Development (subsidy towards social and social auxiliary work posts)
  • Department of Health ( subsidy per capita)
  • Residential fees
  • Fundraising activities (e.g. jumble sales)
  • Funding requests and donations


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